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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Simple Electromagnetic Sensor

This is a design circuit for sensing the electromagnetic field. This sensing circuit is controlled by the op amp 741 IC. This is a simplest form. Here’s the figure of the circuit diagram.

The circuit diagram is working 1mH inductor current sensing is used for the electric field. The small electric field will cause the voltage on the inductor and the induced voltage sensor is amplified by op amp. Headphones are connected to the output of op amp audio will indicate of the electrical field. For example, the electric field around the main transformer can be heard as 50 Hz hum. R4 POT that can be used to adjust the gain of the amplifier. By maintaining the sensor inductor close to the phone, you can even hear the phone conversation. All electrolytic capacitors should be rated at least 15V. The switch S1 can be a slide type ON / OFF switch. POT R4 it can be used to adjust the gain. Better to have a radial type inductor for L1.

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